*This blog post was originally published and written for Brittani Wills Creative in Summer 2018.

Your bio is the first thing on your Instagram profile - it’s the first impression you give out to your followers and the backbone of your presence on the ‘gram. You get 270 characters to let followers know who you are, what you do, and why they should care. Craft your bio in a way that elevates your brand so that it draws followers not only to you, but to your services or products too!
Check out our tips below for writing a bio that keeps your tribe up to date and inspires others to tap that blue follow button. 


Using a branded hashtag in your bio gives you the chance to grab user-generated content. Repurposing content pulled from this hashtag allows you to share on your profile or in your stories to show real humans interacting with your services and products.


LIke we said,  you have a limited number of characters in your bio to entice visitors to follow you - the same applies to your bio link. You’ve only got one shot at putting the best clickable link possible in your profile. Make the most of this prime opportunity by using a service like LinkTree, which allows users to store unlimited links all in one. 


Using emojis in your bio allows you to show off your brand personality! Whether it’s using one as a bullet point, or using one to show what services your brand offers, emojis are a great way to weave a little fun into your brand. Plus, they can help illustrate a full word with just one character - since space is a premium in IG bios.


Instagram stories are a great way to keep followers up to date on what a day in the life of your brand is like or a fun way to display a how-to. The story highlight feature allows you archive your content into buckets for your followers to view later - even after the story’s 24-hour “live” period - and you can even add custom branded graphics as covers to each highlight makes your brand look more cohesive on Instagram. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 1.56.04 PM.png


Let your followers know where you are and how to get in touch with you - so that they can reach out to buy your products or services! Be sure to include as much information as possible - whether it’s the city you work in or your email address, putting this information in your bio is important so you let followers know you are available to be in touch. You can also use Instagram’s contact buttons to add even more options to stay in contact with your followers.

Optimizing your bio on the gram is incredibly important for your followers! What strategies have you used to optimize your bio? 

Hannah Rose Dominiak